Are You Ready to Find Your Tribe?

I have a quick but important question for you today. What are the two most common and damaging mistakes most bloggers and writers make? Give up?

Mistake 1: Not seeking out training or educational opportunities.

Hey, I know that all your favorite writers and bloggers make it look easy as pie… but that’s an illusion. Anyone who is performing at the top of their game and making it look easy has studied and trained extensively. Think professional athletes, ballet dancers, and musicians. They all make incredibly difficult things look easy because they’ve trained long and hard. Writing and audience building is no different. You can’t wing it and realistically hope to be successful. You have to train and study.

Mistake 2: Getting bad advice and training from the wrong people.

You know as well as I do that the internet is rife with self-anointed experts who are more than happy to sell you some borrowed, re-purposed advice. Sometimes bad advice is even more damaging than no advice, so you really have to be careful who you listen to. That’s why I’m so excited about Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers course. If you’ve been working hard at doing the right things, but your work just hasn’t gotten noticed yet, this course may be just what you need to break through.

Jeff has been in your shoes. He’s worked in obscurity. He’s wished and hoped for that big break that never came. But then he figured it all out. He learned four powerful principles that made his writing career finally take off – and now he’s enjoying a level of success he could only dream of before. Jeff has coached over a thousand writers to successfully build their platforms and their own tribes using those very same principles. And in Tribe Writers, Jeff teaches you all four in great detail – showing you step-by-step how you can make these principles work for you. You’ll learn…

1: How to write for an audience that’s perfect for you.

2: What it really takes to really build a powerful platform.

3: The secrets of successful guest posting and getting published in magazines.

4: How to get published: through self-publishing or by getting publishing houses to notice you.

When you master these four principles, you’ll have the training you need to finally…stand out in a crowded market

  • strike a chord with the right audience for you
  • build relationships with influential people who can help you
  • create your own momentum
  • finally attract the attention your work deserves

If you’ve been trying to attract an audience, build your platform, and get your work noticed on a bigger stage and it’s just not working out like you’d hoped, go check out Tribe Writers now. It just may be the spark that ignites your career. Isn’t it time your work got the attention it deserves? Go read more now at Tribe Writers.


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